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 Concealed Carry License

The link below will direct you to the Kentucky State Police website pertaining to the process of obtaining a Concealed Carry License in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Concealed Carry Class:    CCDW Class will be conducted over 2 days on Monday night starting November 30 at 5 pm at Tims Kitchen. The remaining portion will be concluded on Monday, December 7th at Tims Kitchen. You must attend both nights. Range will probably be conducted on the Saturday in between. Contact 859-654-4511 to register.

Items that you need to bring with you to any Concealed Carry Class in Kentucky are the following:

1. Weapon with 20 rounds of ammunition.
2.  Cleaning Kit.
3.  Eye and ear protection.
4.  $ 75.00 (Seventy-five dollars).

Items that you need to bring to the Sheriffs Office upon completion of the class and receipt of training certificate are the following:

1.  CCDW Training Certificate.
2.  Color Photo with no hat (Passport Photos are     
        acceptable).  The Sheriffs Office is now taking photos at the office for a $ 5.00 fee.
3.  $ 60.00 (Sixty-dollars)  $ 20.00 to the Sheriffs
         Office and $ 40.00 to the Kentucky State Police.
4.  The application is obtained and filled out at the
         Sheriffs Office.