Deputies and Staff

The personnel of the Pendleton County Sheriff's Office take pride in serving the citizens of Falmouth, Butler and Pendleton County.


Chief Deputy Todd Dennie has been on the Sheriff's Department since 1997 when he came on as part-time during the "Great Flood of 1997".  In 1998 Todd was hired full time under a grant through the "Cops in Schools" initative and became the Counties and the Pendleton County School Districts first School Resource Officer. 

In 2004 the department acquired it's first canine a Belgian Malinous named "Zillion" with Todd being his handler.  Todd is also a life long resident of Pendleton County and graduated from Pendleton County High School in 1994 and is married to his wife Dorothy and has two step children Katie and Robbie.


Sergeant Jared Brewer is a 1998 graduate of Pendleton County High School and is the son of Gary and Connie Brewer of Falmouth and has nine brothers and sisters.  Jared served in Iraq with the Kentucky National Guard in 2005 as a military policeman.  Deputy Jared Brewer joined the department on March 1, 2007.  Jared will be taking Basic Training at Richmond starting in May for 18 weeks to become a certified deputy sheriff.  Deputy Brewer was promoted in August 2010 to School Resource Officer.

"I've always wanted to be an officer.  Working for the Sheriff makes being an officer better because we work the entire county.  We're able to help and serve more people.  This is important because we get to establish a relationship with the county and not just a small part of it."


Deputy Brian Locknane graduated from Dixie Heights.  He entered the U.S. Navy and served on the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy for 4 years.  After completing his enlistment he attended Northern Kentucky University.  He has been a peace officer for 12 years and became a member of the Pendleton County Sheriff Office in 2010.
"I've always wanted to be a deputy.  The privlege of working for the Sheriff Office makes being a deputy officer in Pendleton County a very challeging and rewarding position.  Working a large area enables me to serve the entire community.  We're able to help and serve more people and not just a select few.  This is important to me because I want to establish a relationship with the entire county and not just a small portion of it."



   Deputy Cody Fasse joined the Sheriff's Office in 2013.  He graduated from 18 weeks of Basic Police Training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond in September 2013.  He is a Pendleton County native in the Mt. Auburn area and is currently working part time.

Deputy TJ Hawks joined the Sheriff's Office in January 2012. Deputy Hawks is a 2004 graduate of the Great oaks Police Academy and KY Department of Criminal Justice Training. Deputy Hawks began his career in lawenforcement in August 2004 with the City of Dayton KY Police Depatment as a Patrolman, Bike Patrol Officer and a Investigator. He has also worked for the Cities of Southgate, Patk Hills and Ludlow.

While employed by the Ludlow Police Department Deputy Hawks worked as a Patrolmanfor two years untill being promoted to Detective. Deputy Hawks resides in Pendleton County with his wife and son.

 Kelly Ritter  

Kelly Ritter is our office manager, she joined the Sheriff's Office in July of 2012.