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 Famous American Sheriff's

Sheriff Buford Pusser — McNairy County, Tennessee portrayed in Walking Tall, and in a suite of songs on Drive-By Truckers' 2004 album, The Dirty South.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio — Maricopa County, Arizona, famous for his stance on criminal justice.

Sheriff Pat Garrett — Lincoln County, New Mexico, famous for killing Billy the Kid.

Sheriff Bat Masterson — Ford County, Kansas

Sheriff Sherman Block — Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, highest paid government administrator in the United States.

Sheriff Dave Reichert — King County, Washington, tracked the Green River killer; elected to Congress in 2004.

Sheriff Gerald Hege — Davidson County, North Carolina, famous for his "no-deals" behavior and highly unorthodox way of fighting crime.

Sheriff Grover Cleveland — Erie County, New York, the only sheriff ever to be elected President of the United States; in his case, he was elected to that office twice in non-consecutive terms.

Sheriff Seth Bullock - Of Deadwood fame.