Pendleton County Sheriff's Office

 Pendleton County Sheriff's Office

The Kentucky Sheriff's Boys and Girls Ranch are doing a fundraiser!

Raffle tickets for this John Deere Gatoe RSC8601 are just $10.00 each. The drawing will be held at our annual conference in Bowling Green on September 14, 2017.  All proceeds benefit the Kentucky Sheriffs Boys and Girls Ranch.



The Pendleton County Sheriffs Office has added a new vehicle to its fleet. In September 2013 the Sheriffs Office obtained a surplus military vehicle (Humvee) through the Department of Defense Reutilization Program, at no cost to the Sheriffs Office.
The vehicle was received in its original camo green paint. Over the last ten months the late Evan Peoples, Bradford Peoples, and Sheriff Peoples have put a tremendous amount of man hours into the project along with the employees of Midwest Automotive to get the vehicle into its final status.
The vehicle has been totally sanded and repainted a gloss black with gold decals provided by Jake Peoples with Peoples Trophies and Awards.
The humvee will be a fully upfitted Sheriffs vehicle which will be used at festivals, fairs, parades, car shows, and school programs, to promote public service announcements, safety programs for kids as well as use as a response vehicle for natural disasters, warrant service, and harsh winters by the Sheriffs Office.
Sheriff Peoples would also like to thank Rumpke of Kentucky and Fab n Weld of Butler for their contributions to the project. It has been a long time in coming to completion and I am glad to have seen it through. 


About this site

Sheriff LogoThis site is intended to provide you, the citizens of Pendleton County, with information about property taxes, sex offenders, address's and phone numbers to other Sheriff's Office's across the Commonwealth, among other things. We have also attempted to place other items of interest to you and our community on this site. We hope that you use this site often, your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

We have attempted to include items of information on this website for which we regularly receive questions. If there is something else you would like to see, please let us know.


KACP Second Five-year Accreditation Achieved!

AccreditationThe Pendleton County Sheriff's Office received their second five year accreditation certificate from the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police on July 31, 2013 at their annual conference in Lexington. The KACP's Accreditation Program is intended to provide law enforcement agencies of the Commonwealth an avenue for demonstrating that they meet commonly accepted professional standards for efficient and effective operations. Law Enforcement Executives who choose to have their agencies accredited under this program have examined all aspects of their operations. They have made conscious decisions about policies and procedures that fit the law enforcement requirements of their jurisdictions and have implemented those polices and trained their employees in there use.

Some of those policies include the office evidence room that meets the requirements and is secured, having a use of force policy, mandatory seat belt and bullet proof vest wear among many other standards and policies. In 2008, the Pendleton County Sheriff's Office was the fourth Sheriff's Office in the Commonwealth to become accredited. At this time there only 10 Sheriff's Offices throughout the Commonwealth who have or are achieving this goal. There are many City and County Police departments that are accredited. By being accredited the county gets a refund on its liability insurance and the deputies and hopefully the community can feel a sense of pride and value with our office, Pendleton County Sheriff Craig Peoples.

In the picture from left to right: KACP Executive Director Jim Pendergraff, Sheriff Craig Peoples, Chief Deputy Todd Dennie, Deputies Hunter Craig, Brian Locknane, and Sgt. Jared Brewer, office manager Kelly Ritter and outgoing President of KACP Chief Bill Crider of the Dawson Springs Police Department.